What Is Rs-cit Course | How To Do Rs-cit Course

What is Rs-cit Course, How To Do Rs-cit Course, Rs-cit Course Full Form, Benefits Of Rs-cit Course, Rs-cit Course Syllabus

Hello friends, today we are going to give you complete information about Rs-Cit course. Friends, let us tell you that this time is running on the computer, nowadays most of the work is done by the computer itself. That’s why it is mandatory for all of you to have knowledge of computer. You know about the computer course that I will know that rs-cit is a general computer course from which we can get basic information from the computer.

What is RS-CIT course

Full name of Rs-Cit

Full name of Rs-Cit is Rajasthan State Certificate of Information Technology . RS CIT course has been started by the Government of Rajasthan so that the student can get computer knowledge.

how to do rs-cit course :-

To do Friends Rs-cit, first of all you have to pass 10 th board exams then you are ready to do Rs-Cit course । It is very easy to do this course and in the course we also get general knowledge of microsoft word, microsoft excel, microsoft power point । Rs-Cit course is mandatory for government jobs and the course is taught in both Hindi and English languages । There are 2 exams in this course, clearing these 2 exams completes your Rs-cit course। It was started by the Rajasthan government on 25 April 2008 to increase the level in the IT education sector.

How many months is the Rs-cit course:-

RS-CIT course is a 3 month course. This course is a class of 1 to 3 hours per day. In which we are taught about computer, after few months after completing rs-cit we have to give exam, then after few months we get degree। The exam of Rs-Cit course is also offline. Its exam center can be located anywhere in your city।

There are total 2 exams in Rs-cit

1 internal exam
2.main exam

1 internal exam: – This exam is online, so while giving the exam, you have to answer simple questions. This exam is of total 30 marks. In this you can easily get maximum number

2 main exam  :-  This exam can be held anywhere in your city. This exam of Rs-Cit seems offline. This exam is of total 70 marks, out of which you need a total of 28 marks to pass, which can be easily obtained. Objective paper comes in the exam of RS-CIt . Rs -cit total time is 1 hour ,The exam is a total of 35 questions, out of which if you answer 14 questions correctly, you will pass.

Rs-Cit  Computer Course Syllabus :-

Friends, I am giving information about all the upcoming syllabus in Rs-cit course for you, it has all the main topics which you need to know so that you will get good results, friends, the syllabus will be visible below. So read the topic carefully –

1 . Computer system
2. Operating System
3. Computer access
4. Internet application
5. Computer access
6. Microsoft Excel Basics
7. Computer networking
8. Computer administration
9. Microsoft Excel Advance
10. database management system
11. Microsoft Word
12.  Microsoft Excel Basics
13.  Microsoft word advance
14 . Microsoft Outlook
15. Introduction of Internet
16.  Introduction to Computer
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Rs Cit computer course  benefits :-

  1. Friends, after doing this course, you will get many benefits of it.
    2. Which will be very beneficial in your coming life.
    3.Friends, employment will increase for you, you will have gained a lot of knowledge in IT and computer courses.
    5.You can take advantage of all the facilities of the Internet with computer knowledge.
    6. In today’s life, all the work in computer will be helpful in getting you a government job.
    7. Today every work is being done in a digital way which requires computer, so you will have more chances of work. Also, your working ability will improve.
    8. All the information and knowledge available through the Internet will help in reaching the path of knowledge.

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